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Welcome to Coddles

Next Generation in Diapers.


Coddles first presence on the web - June 17, 2018.

Who are we? 

A family oriented group with a passion to help people who wear diapers.  We desire to improve the health and well-being of individuals by providing protection, comfort, and confidence. 

What do we do?  

Coddles is a concept; we work eagerly to bring the concept or idea to reality.  We hope to earn your support in our effort to continue our venture to assist diaper wearers. 

What are people saying!


- To ward-off UTI is a very good and healthy idea. - Bonnie

- People who are passionate about their job, their loved ones and patients can do well with a product like Coddles. - T.H.


- A great motivation for people to use Coddles is that the product is designed to reduce the risk of the user coming down with urinary tract infections (UTI). UTIs may result from the design of a diaper. If a diaper isn't designed to restrict the movement of digestive waste away from the urethra then UTIs may result. Coddles design reduces the chance of this occurring. The end result of using Coddles: lower chance of UTIs, increased comfort, and peace of mind for the user and loved ones. - IP

-  I think this product would be great for babies toddlers and especially great for our citizens living in health care facilities ..The design seems like it would greatly decrease the number of people getting UTI infections this is a great and well thought out idea .. - C.M.

...after watching the video of the coddles product of diapers for the elderly and special need persons. It is the new way of the future in health care needs. - D.S.

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Benefits and Advantages


Confidence knowing excrements are not traveling toward other private parts; which aids in comfort until the caregiver arrives.

Hygiene Protection

Clean-up is more accessible for those providing senior citizen services in maintaining hygiene protection for immobile nursing home patients, incontinence protection, long-term and short-term care patients in hospitals, children in daycare, and those mentally challenged patients at home or in facilities. 

Innovative Design

Innovative design help to reduce the number of patients admitted to hospitals for complications stemming from urinary tract infections.


Support in reducing the irritation and discomfort that occur when diapers are soiled.


Bacteria is channeled from openings to the urethra to help maintain good hygienics by limiting and restricting excrement. 

Contemporary Design

Coddles contemporary design is a distinctive and significant feature to the industry.  It’s one of a kind because no other briefs or pre-folded diapers can provide this support and comfort. Thereby, offering you an innovation of the confidence wearers need; that only Coddles can provide.

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