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Activity with the development of the Coddles concept began late in 2016.  Stemming from ineffectively cleaned patients that were experiencing signs of discomfort, and irritation from their digestive waste.  The physical and mental health of the patient is of vital concern; as this was the case at the time.  It was essential to help each patient  maintain comfort, support, and confidence.

The concern led to spawning thoughts on how to continue supporting Senior patients.  The following video gives a general idea of the result.  (read more).

Coddles clear vision is to help diaper wearers receive the greater protection they need.

Our Mission:  To improve the health and well-being by providing protection, comfort and confidence.  

 IMPORTANT:  Coddles Divider does not prevent Urinary Tract Infection.  Please except this statement as a correction for any misunderstandings.  

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