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This unique diaper provides barriers in helping to eliminate excrement's from traveling from the digestive tract toward the urethra; helping to reduce bacteria; which can lead to urinary tract infections (UTI).   UTI’s might not have gained so much recognition if diapers were changed immediately after being soiled.   However, the frequency of changing does not always go in favor of the wearer.  According to Sugimura, MD, T., Tananari, MD, Y., Ozaki, MD, Y. Maeno, MD, Y., Tanaka, MD, S., Ito, MD, S., Kawano, MD, K. & Masunaga, MD, K.2009) " there is an increased risk of UTI as the frequency of changing diapers decreases." (p. 18) 

Despite the frequency of changing diapers, greater protection, comfort, and confidence are what we desire for those wearing Coddles diapers; we believe this is what will be experienced by those who make Coddles their choice. The various sizes are in speculation to fit women, men, children, and infants who wear diapers, pull-ups briefs, and pre-folded diapers.  

Coddles clear vision is to help people to receive the protection they need.  With a patent pending; Yvette Wirt, Inventor; works in Education, but it was while working at a  Nursing Home Alzheimer's unit in Florida that spawned thoughts to help the individuals at that nursing home. The situation ensued when arriving at work, Yvette became aware that the patients required their diapers to be changed soon after she appeared.  Additionally, when shifts changed; patients were to be cleaned and adequately changed.  It would be acceptable if only one patient showed signs of discomfort, but most of the patients in that unit required this attention.  Their bottoms were irritated by digestive particles.  Nonetheless, the physical and mental health of the patient is what concerned Yvette.   Rather than complain; it was essential to help the patients to be comfortable. This concern led to spawning thoughts on how to continue supporting the patients on days when she was off work.  However, it wasn't until after caring for a sibling; Kyle (1958-2014), and communicating the initiative with her mother; a person of influence, and more precious than a treasure of gold; about the concept.  It was her mother's expression that prompt Yvette the force to get in gear.    On this lay the birth of the concept.  In short, Coddles was born from these mentioned experiences, and those needing Coddles will hopefully benefit from the new modification.

There is not a diaper on the market with this modification to provide the added protection, comfort, confidence, and support for individuals wearing a diaper.  We now need help with the engineering and production of Coddles.  With your help, we hope to eventually offer this excellent choice in diapers to those who need them.

Whether wearers are at home, or in a medical facility; we want these individuals to experience the new concept.


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